Papirunners E-Quartett with 11 Weeks now

Papirunners E-Quartett 11 Weeks now

Our boys had a lot of fun in Garden

 weather was not the best but my boys love every minut in our Garden

Soon they will go in her new homes , times flys !!

Earthy Earthy+Evolution Earthy+Evolution3 Earthy2

Earthy3 Earthy4 Earthy5 Earthy6

Evoque6 Earthy6 E-puppy2 Evolution

Evolution+Earthy1 Evolution+Eytukan Evolution3 Evoque

Evoque8 Evouque E-Wurf Eytukan

Eytukan+Earthy1 Eytukan+Earthy4 Eytukan+Evolution Eytukan+Evoque

Eytukan1 Eytukan2 Eytukan3 Eytukan4

Eytukan8 Evoque5