Our D-Litter celebrate his first Birthday

Our D-Litter celebrate her first Birthday

Our D´s will be one Year

we are happy to announce that our D`s one Year old now

Papirunners Dark Temptation ( owner Team Papirunners)
Papirunners Da Capo (owner Birgit Kettler)
Papirunners Da-Vinci ( owner Katharina Schöberl)

thank you to owner which give so much love and spend so much time with them.
we are more than proud to have found so good new homes!

Da-Capo1 Temp1
Temp3 D-Wurf4
Capo Temp4
Capo+Temp Da-Capo2
D-Wruf4 D-Wurf1
D-Wurf2 D-Wurf4