In loving memory



Actually my Mulemaus had the intention to get older with me , but the fate got for each his own plans. With its 10 weeks, she was not allowed to see much of the world. The fate took me this beautiful and lovable bitch so insanely early on ,that not much time was granted to each other. Little mouse, we miss you so mad and will always think of you, no matter where you are….




Our sweet Idefix had to leave us due to a brain tumor, his time had not yet come, and he did not want to go but he had too. This made us the parting much harder  REST IN PEACE my angel!




The time with our little was unfortunately much too short, the unexpected death could not be more unexpected. We can not understand it and will probably never afford. We can only accept, more remains not left us …..
In deepest mourning RIP little butterfly